For Learners


  • The process starts with signing up on and then proceed to signing in and complete the questionnaires using the same username and password.
  • Career Manager uses the responses to the questionnaires to understand how you think and compiles a comprehensive personalised feedback report.
  • After completing the questionnaires, you can view your personalised personal feedback report.. This helps you understand your profile and the impact on careers and study choices.
  • The next step is to study your career and study suggestions. We encourage you to investigate details about particular career and subject options.
  • Career Manager is a decision support system. It enables you to pick possible options in order to build up a career plan for your future.

For Teachers, Advisers and Parents


    How can I get access for a learner? There are two ways to obtain access for a learner:
    1. Through a learner's school if they offer Career Manager.
    2. Or, purchase an individual Career Manager license:
      1. Give the code to your child to sign-up to the Career Manager website.
      2. The learners completes a series of online questionnaires that builds up their personal feedback report.
      3. They view and explore your career and study suggestions online.
      4. The learner can plan his/her future career with the information in the personal feedback report.
    Both the questionnaires and personalised feedback report is available in both English and Afrikaans

For Schools


  • Career Manager prides itself in an excellent administrative system.
  • Schools (license owners) have access to monitor the progress for learners, download and print personalised feedback reports.
  • Personalised feedback reports are available in both English and Afrikaans.