Finding a fulfilling career and plotting the most direct route to it is within your reach, provided that you do the right research to find the right job ... for you. Determining whether a certain job is a good fit you depends on two factors: your personal profile and the job market.

The team behind Career Manager has spent the last 20 years developing a survey to guide current and prospective employees to better understand themselves and the job market to ensure that they don’t make costly and frustrating mistakes on their career paths. You will gain insight into the study methods that suit you best, how to deal with relationships and your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. This programme can be followed individually, or with a mentor to further guide you on the path to success. Ideally, you should revisit this process throughout your adult life.

Timo Kriel Ph D, Clinical Psychology

Timo has been tinkering with software, and specifically applications for personal and organisational development, since personal computers came onto the market. Thats a long time. He started his own career as a clinical pscychologist, made some detours into lecturing, management consultation, organisation development, confectionary retail and business broking and ended up as a full time software developer.

His contribution to Career Manager is to make it work easily for everyone.

Maryke Visagie, BPhil Journalism, B Consumer Science (gen)

Maryke qualified as a journalist and worked in niche and mainstream media, both print and digital, before venturing off into corporate communications and graphic design.

She's responsible for presenting the Career Manager information in the most user-friendly way possible.