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Welcome to an introduction to the role of mentor

  This page provides a very brief description of the role of mentor, just enough to be sure you want to become a mentor.
  For more detail, read here.
  Before answering the quizz, please read the information below.
  Then answer the questions HERE
  Then you will be shown how to apply online to be allocated the role of Mentor.
  Why this procedure?
Because the role of mentor is critical to the success of the programme.

Main tasks of the mentor

Guide the learner over about 8 months to perform and record progress for 60 practical tasks.
  • The programme is divided into two Stages:
  • Stage 1 : About registration and online questionnaires
    1. Assist the learner to open an account and do initial online questionnaires.
    2. Generate a report.
    3. Provide feedback.
    4. Request the learner to record comments.
  • Stage 2 : About the learner doing about 60 practical steps
    1. Assist the learner to
      • access tasks,
      • understand the instructions,
      • perform the required actions,
      • record his/her responses on the web application in the appropriate input fields.
    2. Read and understand the inputs from the learner on the web application input fields.
    3. Regularly meet with the learner personally.
    4. Personally discuss the feedback from the learner, as recorded on the input fields, with the learner.
    5. When the mentor is satisfied that the learner has gained value from an exercise, mark the exercise as "completed".
    6. Repeat steps 3.1 – 3.5 for all Levels, and all Steps inside of the levels.
Now answer the questions HERE