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  • How this guide can help you
    • Context of Career Guidance
      • Context of Career Guidance
      • Youth unemployment - A global picture
      • Youth unemployment - Employer perspective
      • Youth unemployment - Reasons
    • Requirements of a successful career guidance program
      • The United Nations resolution
      • The Gatsby Foundation - Sir John Holman
      • The German Government
    • Facilitating a solution- Using the Career Management Process
      • The Career Manager Process
    • Using the Career Manager - Overview
      • The Main Stages of Career Manager
    • Training the Trainer
      • Familiarising Mentors with the Career Manager process
      • The role of the mentor in the initial phases (signup to feedback)
      • The role of the mentor in the second stage
    • FAQ
      • Administration
        • Levels of administration
        • Setting up User Roles
      • Implementation