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Steps to follow to become a salesperson

As a necessary introduction you need to experience Career Manager first hand, both in the role of Learner and in the role of Mentor

For this experience, three parties are involved, Salesperson, Learner and Career Manager

For your guidance, actions are listed in the table below in order, from top (first) to bottom.

Start at the top left and follow the arrows.

Arrows show the actor and target of each action.

We believe this introduction will be interesting and valuable to you, but the main reason for it is for you to become aquainted with the programme.

The best way for this is by doing, therefore

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Career Manager

See advert

Contact us


Receive contact


Create an account on Career Manager website


Send instructions

Do questionnares

This is to become familiarised with Career Manager



Request report

After you have completed the online questionnaires


Send report

Request Promotion to Mentor

Done this online go to,
my detail -> account -> Apply for administrative roles

or click here: my detail, account



Together with your promotion to Mentor, we will provide you with

  1. One unit of credit for your first learner signup.
  2. Instructions on how to apply the credit and generate a report.

Gets learner signup

Choose anybody who will do the exercises under your supervision

This one is on us. We will provide you with a unit of credit to generate a report for this user.


Learner signup

The learner signs up (creates an own account) exactly like you did.


Learner completes Questionnaires

The learner does the two online exercises (questionnaires) exactly like you did.


Apply unit, generate report for learner

We will provide a unit of credit and instructions.


Learner gets Report

The learner gets a report exactly like you did, but you provide the report.


Feedback for learner


Learner gets Feedback

You meet with the learner and go over the report.


Guidance over 11 levels

This is part of the full programme. As a salesperson you should go through it with one learner.


Completes 11 levels

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