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Basics of the plan

  • The basic unit of value is One Learner completing the steps to progress from clueluess to employed.
  • One unit has a monetary value of R10 000 (*)
  • A sponsor will pay R10 000 per unit
  • The organisation (to be established) will ensure all parties fulfill their roles and are remunerated from the R10 000
  • Details of the application of the R10 000 (and multiples) are set out in the business plan on this page.

(*) The amounts vary depending on the volume of learners, and the optimal value of R10 000 per learner supposes a group of at least 200 learners.

The development of the Career Manager programme is to be implemented as a business.

Career Manager is a technology based career counselling and mentorship system which guides a learner along the steps needed to advance from clueluess to employed.

We would like to offer larger numbers of learners the opportunity to participate in the programme free of charge.

Such a rollout necessitates a support organisation, mainly consisting of mentors, with some support for mentors and overall management too.

To arrive at cost per learner, it makes sense to calculate the resources and cost involved for groups of learners and then look at the average cost per learner.

The business plan below helps illustrate the numbers involved in a rollout of this kind.

  • For purposes of illustration, it is assumed 1,000 learners will be enrolled in a programme.
  • For that 23 mentors will be deployed, each supporting about 44 learners over 30 odd individual work sessions.
  • This will necessitate a support organisation with 3 managers and 2 clerical support personnel.
  • The total cost for a project of these proportions will be R12 million.
  • The basic unit of value: Learner completing the steps to progress from clueluess to employed, therefore costs R12,155
  • Phrased differently:
    • It costs R12,155 to ensure that a promising learner enters a suitable career.
    • Besides these obvious benefits to the individual, the programme also produces competent mentors and career planning managers.