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About us

We have been active in building a Career Management programme for over 20 years.

We started out thinking we needed a good method to answer the question: Which career fits me?

We realised that was not enough, you also need to know what to do.

Therefore Career Manager focuses on this request:

Get me into that career


Career Manager combines a number of factors that together make a strong programme:

  • Best practices: what are the countries who are performing well doing?
  • A programme actions stretching over time with measurments along the way - spending time and checking progress enhances the quality of the result
  • Mentoring - a coach helps you get more out of the programme.
  • Tracking and recording your progress - when you are on your way, you need to know how far you have come and what still lies ahead
  • Insight and action (understanding and doing) - both are important
  • Differentiation: more handles on the issue - you must have names for the stuff you have to deal with. The Eskimos are said to have a large number of words for "snow" (Wikipedia). Maybe this is not 100% accurate, but it it helps to be clued up if you want to survive.
  • Web based, mobile enabled.

Career Manager offers a brief Mentor's training module. Read more about becoming a Mentor here.

Career Manager offers the programme as a business opportunity. For more about this, read here